A Child Shall Lead

In 2020, as foretold in the Bible, the lion lay down with the lamb. Potentially bringing peace to the United States, Congress gave the vote to citizens 16 years and older. The bill also permits presidential candidates as young as 21. Taken together, these measures promise change in a country that has been divided for too long.

In other news, under indictment for fulfilling a campaign promise to shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, President Trump will not seek re-election.

Citing the biblical injunction that, “a child shall lead them,” the remaining adult in the room, Mike Pence, won’t run either.

Four Years Later


If you laid a transparency of then across now, there’d be no difference. The oak tree was infinitesimally taller. Knee high corn still grew in the muddy fields. The white house, with green slatted shutters, slept on a rise beside an identical lilac. Yellow pig stench choked the air. Even the girl smoking a ciggie with him was the same. College had not really happened. The demonstrations, and the wild blue moons, and the nights up until dawn accumulating debt. None of that was true. The shutters, the tree, the girl, the ciggie. Those were the facts. The other was fiction.