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Chair in the Dribble Drabble Review Anthology I-V edited by Keith Horner, published by Dribble Drabble Review Press, available at Lulu Press

It’s an old chair. A well-used chair. In the dining room, it seated its share of guests and heard a quota of secrets, while providing measured comfort. The chair occupied the nursery for decades, a cushy seat for the nursemaid when she wasn’t walking the floor with a colicky infant.

That was you.

After the nursery became a study, the chair had a grand refurbishing in burgundy velvet. It sat under a bright lamp, digesting scholarly papers while your father snored. Trapped in the attic, there’s a mouse nesting in its seat.

Recover it. For the baby’s room. It’s yours.

Monica McHenney, USA

Monica McHenney lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, son and various carnivorous plants. Her short story, Ready or Not from the as yet published novel in stories, Shrew Taming, won honorable mention in the 2022 Palo Alto Short Story contest. Find a new drabble every Monday morning at