Shrew Sonnet

adult black coat conceptual
Photo by OVAN on


At night I reach for you, but you’re not there.

I wait, hear heels that tap across the floor.

It must, most certain be a trap, a snare,

Cruel trick, the phantom step beyond the door.


In breathless trepidation do I wait

For you, just you, no’ne else but you will do.

“I do,” the words I’ve spoken much too late

To bind our troth and make our life anew.


Dear Kate, I beg, please come to me again.

With heaving bosom, dance with me a turn.

Such perfect grace together we attain

That even Rose, her favor we might earn.


Alas, I wish that this were but a dream,

In fact, I fear it’s all that it doth seem.

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