Looking Back

Looking at the blue jeans I have on today, I remember buying them when I was much younger. They were dark blue, whereas now they are washed blue, showing dots of white throughout. A stylish rectangular hole, approximately two by three inches, bares my knee. The tear had its start on a backpacking trip. I’d like to say a sharp rock abraded the cloth while I knelt to splash my face, but memory has its limits. I had a dog then. If he was here, he would lick my knee and then curl up on the floor for a nap.

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via Daily Prompt: Awkward

Is there anything more awkward than “aardvark”? Not the alliteration, that’s elegant. So is having two “a’s” at the beginning, like in Finnish. Finland is one of Trump’s favorite countries. Oops, awkward.

Aardvarks come from Africa, a s_hole country. The word “aardvark” comes from Afrikaans, a language that is 90% Dutch. Somali, may be a distant double vowel relative from the Afroasiatic family. Oops, awkward.

Finland, Lombard and Estonia speak in double vowels. They’re European. How did Somali sneak in? Illegal vowel migration? Or did the Europeans steal extra vowels when they left Africa? Awkward all around.

Daily Prompt: Flaunt

via Daily Prompt: Flaunt

Sitting with scientists? Flaunt your feelings. Punting with potentates? Cave. Believe it when zombie sightings are confirmed. Catch them and eat their brains. Take an extra scoop of grey matter. Enjoy the taste of apocalypse.

The dystopian realm of the upside down is an awesome place. Best ever buffet. A horde of shambolic goons roam untethered, contravening the will of large bureaucracies run by corrupted corpses. The politicians promise radical change. Hah, the place is showy and shallow.  It’s constituents swim into a swamp of post-truth pronouncements. They’re stabbed in the heart. Eat or be eaten.

Daily Prompt: Tantrum

A tantrum is the bottom layer. Mostly, tantrums stay buried beneath a careful scaffolding of socialization. You hide, grateful for the conventions that gradually encase you, the interwoven vines like a strangler fig, supportive and unyielding at the same time.

A tantrum is the unfiltered id that is at best embarrassing and at worst criminal. It’s the way you express yourself when no one else matters. It’s the steel edge of selfish disregard.

On occasion, a tantrum can be a lifesaver. There are people who deserve to experience your tantrum. You know the ones. The rules don’t apply to them. When you’ve had it, with the best of intentions, you can let them have it. Sometimes they listen and even if they don’t, you’ve put them on notice.