Goldilocks Gets Ahead of Herself

Photo by Dmitry Demidov on

House Sitter Wanted: April in our charming wooded cottage. A place for contemplation, close to hiking and river adventures. Feel free to entertain in our spacious three bedroom home.

Goldie pushed the door open. She’d expected a key under the rock near the entry. What a relief to find the house unlocked. The second surprise: There were three bowls of cereal on the table. Had the bears engaged her for a different time? She checked her phone. New mail. “See you April first. The Bears.” She sat down to rest, the cinnamon smell of porridge enticing her. They wouldn’t mind.

4 thoughts on “Goldilocks Gets Ahead of Herself

  1. Hi Monica — I love your fairy tale / fantasy rewrites — kind of like fractured fairy tales except recast in a friendly considerate way rather than broken. They always make me smile and rethink the original messages. Fairy tales for a new world 😉


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