A Reason to Celebrate

Photo by VisionPic .net on Pexels.com

Snow White gaveled in the annual meeting of Dwarfs, Inc. “Before we hear committee reports, I’d like to thank Doc for his leadership during my prolonged hospital stay. Also, congratulations to our own Bashful and Grumpy for sealing the deal with Charming and Sons.”

Doc beamed, Bashful blushed, while Grumpy smiled.

Snow continued. “The prince has agreed to an exclusive contract with Dwarf Orchards to supply the kingdom’s new applesauce processing plant. I feel especially proud that we won the bidding war against Evil Stepmother, Inc.”

Happy pulled out a bottle and popped the cork. “To a healthy New Year.”

2 thoughts on “A Reason to Celebrate

    1. I can see it with Evil Stepmother as a sympathetic character who deploys a poison pill when Dwarfs, Inc tries to mount a takeover of her company. Thanks to Prince Charming, Stepmother and Stepdaughter work things out amicably and everyone lives happily ever after. I just don’t have the corporate experience to pull this off. Could be fun, though.

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