May 2019: The Vow by Monica McHenney

“In this moving story a straight woman, now a widow, tries to talk her old college friend, a gay man, into marrying his long-time partner who is dying of AIDS. The portrayals of the three characters are rich with detail and so persuasive that the reader wants to join the discussion.”
— Nancy Packer

Fall 2020: Chair

Published and archived in: The Dribble Drabble Review

The stories are short. Half an hour for the whole thing. At the bottom of the page is a line of squares in case you want to read them out of order. Chair is the tenth square. Directly in the center of the line.

Messians Quartet- April 16, 2021 by Monica McHenney

Not an Emergency by Monica McHenney published in Issue 8, 2021 “Creative Non-fiction”

Octopus Opera published in Issue 1, 2021